RHD Conversion & Parts

White F 550 Truck

Right hand drive conversion are available for Ford Super Duty F-250, F-350, F-450, F-550 from RHD USA.

When you or your customer requires a base vehicle for Armored Personnel Carrier to Ambulance we can offer a conversion package that will suit your needs based on the venerable F550 Cab Chassis. We custom order your chassis so your not paying for options you do not need.

Cab Chassis are our specialty, we can convert to HIGH SULFER diesel allowing you to operate in any environment.

All speedometers are converted to kilometers when required by local governments, custom logos can be ordered.

Underneath view of a truckView of Super Duty Truck Engine

RHD USA will NOT use any other steering components other than factory Ford period. Our special relationship with Ford engineering allows access to information that would otherwise not be available.

The factory Ford steering box is also used.

Vehicle customization and performance upgrades can be done at the time of conversion. Performance suspension, off-road wheels, tires, air intake, exhaust and diesel power modifications are all popular options. Off-Road bumpers, LED lights, recovery winch and bed cover are also great additions. We have also added Titan fuel tanks to many of our trucks to go that extra mile.